Sunday, June 20, 2010

And how about afterwards?

On Sunday we slept in, shopped in the rain, and then grabbed a quick bite to eat on Stone Street. Then I dressed up in my new outfit (Happy Birthday to Me, From Me!), and David and I went to see the musical Rock of Ages, starring Constantine from American Idol, Season 4. However, his understudy stood in on the night of our performance, since the Tony Awards were on the same night. We were shocked at the huge crowd that had gathered in Times Square to watch the awards show that night.
After the play, David and I decided to take the Staten Island Ferry (which is a good way to see the Statue and the Manhattan skyline for free).
It was there on the ferry that I had my breakdown...the realization that I was no longer celebrating my special day where I just so happened, this time, to turn three decades old. Instead, I realized that I, on that particular day, was just a mere, boring, and OLD thirty years and one day...nothing special about that! There were a few tears while I pondered the fleeting passage of time and the relative insignificane of my days on earth so far.
I dried the tears up quickly. (There were some very odd Staten Islanders on the ferry who were looking at me strangely.) After all, I may have forgotten many details of my first 30 years, wasted some others on insignificant activities, and probably used up countless more napping, but...THERE'S STILL TIME!!!! My next 30 years will look quite different!

Q: And how about afterwards?
A: Look out, world!

How am I going to take turning THIRTY?!

So, it's finally here. The Big 3-0. Being someone who LOVES birthdays in general, I really hadn't been dreading this milestone like so many of my acquaintances seem to have done. Historically, I always look forward to June 12th for weeks in advance, even to the extent that my husband jokes that I don't actually celebrate a birthDAY...mine is a birthWEEK! I just can't help it, though. I love having an excuse to go out to my favorite restaurant(s), hang out with my favorite people, cook my favorite dishes at home, and eat desserts on a daily basis without feeling guilty! I also seem to manage to buy MYSELF a birthday gift every year.
Even so, as much as I love celebrating my birthday each year, I had suspected that this one might be marked with a little bit more emotion and introspection than usual. I combated this apprehension by booking flights for David and me to New York City to visit our bestest friends Adam and Sara and celebrate this monumental occasion in style! And we did!
We arrived late on Thursday, took a cab from the airport, and arrived at the Jonases apartment across from Battery Park in the wee hours of the morning. We greeted them and their girls (pups Lola and Lucy), chatted for a while, inflated our air mattress, and crashed in their studio apartment which was absolutely AWESOME!
On Friday, David and I split a ginormous sandwich at Carnegie Deli, hopped a double-decker bus (like all good tourists should) and toured upper Manhattan, went to MOMA, and then finally to watch the Yankees play the Astros at the new Yankee Stadium!
Then on Saturday, my birthday, Sara and I went for a jog along the Hudson River, which was much, MUCH cooler (in so many ways) than jogging ANYWHERE in Birmingham right about now. We came back to the little shop in the bottom of their apartment building and got breakfast...chocolate chip pancakes, fruit, and coffee for me... ...which we enjoyed on Sara and Adam's roof-top deck, which boasts an AMAZING view of the entire Southern tip of Manhattan, including the Statue of Liberty!
Thus began my 30th birthday. The rest of the day was spent on another double-decker bus (lower Manhattan), at Top of the Rock, and then out to dinner at Sushi Samba!
All in all...a good day! Most of all, though, I will never forget that I spent that morning enjoying my coffee while relaxing in a lounge chair on the roof of a building in New York City!
Q: How am I going to take turning THIRTY?!
A: Lying down!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Q: What is the most beautiful color on the face of the earth?


Where have I been all month?!

Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted in a whole month! I'm a bad blogger. In my defense, I've been busy! Work is crazy. I've been trying to stay on top of my running/workout regimen. We've had guests in and out. We also went on the LONGEST VACATION OF MY LIFE to...

Key West...

...the Bahamas...

...and Miami.

Our eight day trip was just long enough to make me forget all of the various passwords I have to use at work...yet short enough to cause me to come home and do some SERIOUS research to find out whether there are any jobs out there that would pay me to travel. Just fyi...there aren't. Well, no immediately profitable ones, anyway. I could basically work on a cruise line, lead guided tours, teach English abroad, or be a travel writer. The latter, by the way, is quite tempting. Rest assured that if it involved any form of guaranteed income...I would have already sent my resume!

So, unless I can find an organization that's willing to PAY me to ride in a convertible, lounge on the beach, explore exotic places, try new foods, meet interesting people, and embark on a myriad of adventures...I guess I'll just be here in Alabama. Waiting. In my recliner. Or my cubicle. *Sigh*

Q: Where have I been all month?!
A: Here. There! And then here again...wishing I was still there. =(